Indoor Air Quality Services

Unless you suffer from asthma, allergies or another type of respiratory condition, chances are good you don’t give much thought to your indoor air. The truth is that whether you notice it or not many detrimental microorganisms and particulates lurk in your indoor air, often creating low-level discomfort and below-the-surface problems that you’ve simply learned to live with. Yet it’s important to understand that maintaining “breathable” indoor air is just as crucial to those with healthy respiratory systems as it is to those whose breathing may be compromised.

HVAC Solutions & Services That Improve Indoor Air

At All Around Service & Maintenance, we offer a wide range of air quality solutions and services. One service that addresses this issue is regular HVAC equipment maintenance, which can minimize the amount of contaminants that are released into your home or business space via your HVAC system. In many cases, HVAC repair can help as well, when needed, as can duct cleaning and sealing. To be sure you’re doing all you can to avoid the contaminants that compromise the breathability of your indoor air, consider whether one of the IAQ solutions that follow might be right for you:

Air Cleaners

  • Air Purifiers: Air purifiers improve air quality by trapping and killing bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other airborne pathogens.
  • Air Filters: Air filtration systems remove unhealthy particles from the air, calming allergy symptoms and maximizing breathability.

Humidity-Regulating Units

  • Air Humidifiers: When the air is too dry, humidifiers add moisture, in the form of water vapor, to the indoor environment through the HVAC ductwork.
  • Air Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air, increasing comfort. Air conditioners work in the same way as dehumidification units in summer, but a dehumidifier can be used year-round.

Other IAQ Technology

  • UV Lamps: UV lamps kill the mold and other unhealthy microorganisms that can grow on your cooling system’s indoor coil, preventing them from being spread throughout your home or business premises.
  • Ventilators: The two types of ventilators — energy recovery and heat recovery — move stale inside air outdoors, replacing it with fresh outside air. Energy recovery models lower humidity levels while heat recovery types prevent heat loss.
  • CO Alarms: Carbon monoxide monitors detect unsafe levels of this highly lethal gas when present and warn the building’s occupants.

Indoor Air Quality Service at Its Best

If you’d like to protect your indoor air from unhealthy levels of allergens, irritants and other pathogens, call All Around Service today! Our indoor air quality specialists are fully equipped to help you determine the best IAQ solution for your needs.