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Port Arthur was inhabited by Native Americans for hundreds of years before the arrival of the first European settlers, but the city wasn’t actually founded until Arthur Stillwell arrived during the closing decades of the 19th century. Stillwell built the town on the site of a former boom town that had been deserted since the mid-19th century. Port Arthur was initially conceived as a railroad hub and saltwater port, and an influx of trade from the surrounding regions ensured that growth remained brisk. Today, its location on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway has turned it into an important water-shipping hub and manufacturing center.

Port Arthur Geography

Port Arthur is located in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. It’s about 15 miles from Beaumont and serves as one of the two principal trade centers of Jefferson County. Like the rest of the region, Port Arthur is very flat and contains an ample amount of marshland. It’s also crisscrossed by a number of rivers and estuaries that flow into Sabine Lake. The area’s principal transportation thoroughfares include U.S. Highway 96 and Texas Highway 73. Port Arthur’s undeveloped areas consist of coastal prairies and stands of pine.

Population and Demographics

Port Arthur’s population sits j just shy of 55,000. Unlike some other cities in southeastern Texas, its headcount has remained remarkably consistent since the 1990 Census and looks poised to do the same for the foreseeable future. Part of the reason for this situation lies in a relative lack of suitable land for development in the surrounding areas. Other factors include a boom-and-bust economy and a slight shortage of housing. Fortunately, Port Arthur’s residents enjoy relatively low land costs and excellent community institutions.

Things to Do in Port Arthur, Texas

Port Arthur has plenty to keep residents and visitors busy. The area has an abundance of water features, including Sabine Lake, and serves as a haven for boaters and fishermen. For fans of popular culture and Americana, the Museum of the Gulf Coast showcases a wide range of memorabilia from the area’s biggest luminaries, including Janis Joplin. Shoppers can find just about anything they need at Central Mall. For outdoorsy types, Big Hill Bayou Wildlife Management area supports an impressive stock of land animals. Texas Point National Wildlife Refuge is one of the continent’s best bird-watching spots.

Climate and Weather

Port Arthur’s climate is marked by hot, humid weather during the summer and mild, rainy conditions during the winter. The area’s growing season lasts nearly the entire year and is broken only by a few isolated frosts and freezes. Although rainfall is ample throughout the year, the wettest period typically coincides with the peak of hurricane season in the late summer and early fall. Fortunately, it’s rare for Port Arthur to experience direct hits from hurricanes or tropical storms.

Air Conditioning Repair in Port Arthur, Texas

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