Time For a New Air Conditioner? Do Your Homework First

The need for reliable cooling in your Beaumont home makes it important to do your research when you are considering new air conditioner installation. An air conditioner can be expected to last for approximately 15 years, making it important to do your homework to ensure that you have a system that will meet your needs for the duration of its service. Following are some important areas to think about.

Efficiency and Affordability

Your new air conditioner installation should provide you with excellent efficiency levels because you can expect it to see high levels of activity over its life of service. Texas cooling activity is estimated to be approximately three times that of the average U.S. home, meaning that your energy bills can be very high. Greater efficiency in your cooling system can keep those energy costs in check.

Single or Dual Purpose System?

Although Beaumont residents can expect their heating costs to total approximately 25 percent of the national average, reliable equipment is important for those chilly days. Your air conditioning contractor can provide you with a comparison between air conditioners and heat pumps, both of which offer excellent cooling activity. With a heat pump, you can also obtain reliable heating to complement your furnace during cold weather. Your air conditioning contractor can also provide examples of hybrid systems that integrate furnaces, heat pumps, and thermostats to achieve ideal comfort management throughout the year.

Household Compatibility

In working with your air conditioning contractor to find a suitable system, it is important to evaluate issues such as ductwork design. In some cases, needs such as system zoning will result in some adjustments to your existing ductwork design and equipment. In other cases, including the transition to ductless comfort management, the ductwork may be of minimal importance. Damaged ductwork could require the renovation of your existing equipment as you prepare for a new air conditioning system.

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