Sizzling Summer Cooling Savings Tips

Climbing temperatures can be miserable without reliable air conditioning equipment. However, the result of operating your home comfort system can involve high utility bills. Fortunately, you don't have to resign yourself to out-of-reach costs if you implement a few energy-saving tips. Keep your home cool and your budget in check with these tips:

Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Critical

Mechanical equipment can wear out over time, and a regular tune-up can do wonders for the performance of your cooling system. Air conditioning maintenance involves a thorough inspection of your inside and outside units so that worn or broken parts and other issues can be identified. Cleaning of coils, blower parts, drip pans and drain lines ensures that your airstream is healthier and that your equipment operates more efficiently.

Your air conditioning system can lose up to 5 percent efficiency each year, but a tune-up can counter this. In extreme cases of neglect, issues normally addressed in a tune-up can add dramatically to summer cooling costs. Examples include:

  • Coils - Dirty inside and outside coils can add 30 percent or more to cooling costs.
  • Refrigerant - A leak can increase energy usage while causing extra stress for the compressor.
  • System life - Equipment that isn't maintained can decline more rapidly, leading to a shorter life.
  • Repairs - Optimization can reduce potential repair issues by up to 95 percent, and those neglecting their equipment may face more frequent AC repairs and costs.

Duct Condition

Leaky ducts can add between 20 and 40 percent to your cooling bills, and a periodic inspection is helpful for determining the extent of the problem. Your tune-up technician may test air pressure at the vents to evaluate whether duct leaks are a concern, recommending follow-up duct services if leaks are noted. A duct inspection will provide more complete information about leaks or other damage.

Air Sealing and Attic Insulation

A combination of thorough air sealing and appropriate insulation levels can trim up to 10 percent from your home comfort costs. A tube of caulking is helpful for sealing leaks at windows, and it is wise to check old caulking for deterioration so that fresh material can be placed as needed. If your attic's floor joists are visible, additional insulation may be warranted. If these joists aren't visible, your levels are probably appropriate. Don't over-insulate as this can lead to a hot attic that could damage your roofing system.

Program Your Thermostat

With programmed settings, you can achieve more stable comfort levels and keep your energy costs under control. Wireless thermostats offer even more information, providing you with remote access for making changes from another room or from work. Additionally, some models allow you to generate energy usage reports.

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