4 Home Heating Tips to Follow So You’re Not Tricked Into Higher Bills

High energy usage is the bane of the winter budget, and keeping home heating costs down can be tricky. While you may not view your energy bill as a treat, you may be able to make it more manageable with some important home comfort strategies. Use the following four tips to keep your home from tricking you into wasting too much money.

Stop the Howling Cries of Air Leaks

According to ENERGY STAR, a combination of air leak sealing and attic insulation supplementation can trim as much as 10 percent from your energy bills each year. This is a real treat as you consider investing that savings in something more meaningful. In many cases, sealing leaks is as simple as identifying the source of a draft and using silicone, caulk, or weather stripping to fill the gaps. However, you may find that more elusive leaks require professional diagnostics. In this case, an energy assessment may be a wise investment to stop the whistling winds from infiltrating your home.

Keep the Creepy Crawlies Out of Your Ducts

One of the most frightening household sounds can be that of mice in your HVAC ducts. They can get in through leaks in the ductwork, an issue that also contributes to high energy bills. Up to 30 percent of your heated air can be lost through these leaks, leading to higher home heating costs. Invest in duct inspection and sealing services if you've noticed that scary scuttling sound from your vents.

Don't Be Haunted by Excessive Temperature Settings

The thermostat ghouls can destroy your family's energy budget with a quick touch of a button. Even worse, when you question the issue, no one seems to remember seeing the little tricksters at work. With a programmable thermostat, you can implement settings that will allow for stable temperature moderation throughout the day. It's possible to find units that coordinate with the lifestyle and needs of your little ghouls, ensuring that their tampering won't be as frequent. Additionally, override features allow for a quick change at any time, and the programming will restore the expected setting within a reasonable period.

Consider updating to a wireless thermostat so that you can monitor temperature issues while you're away from home. This will allow you to generate usage reports so that you can assess the impact of your equipment. It'll also help you make minor changes without having to disrupt your work in the house or away. This is also a nice option for those who travel frequently and who may need to adjust vacation settings while away.

Keep the Tricksters Away With Preventative Maintenance

You can keep those frightening moments when a heating system fails at bay through regular heating maintenance appointments. With a maintenance plan, you can be sure that your equipment will be carefully inspected and cleaned before the cold weather arrives. You'll also benefit from crucial safety checks, especially important if you operate a gas furnace or other combustion heating system. A maintenance appointment may reveal faulty parts in need of replacement, but this will allow you to handle related repairs at your convenience rather than leaving you in a tough spot because of an inconvenient breakdown.

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